Users in China launch their own version of Telegram's TON network

A community of developers and blockchain enthusiasts based in China reported that they will carry out the launch of their own version of the TON network, an initiative in which the Telegram team was working to create a decentralized network that operated hand in hand with the token. GRAM.

This was confirmed by the TON China developer community through a publication on their official blog, where they indicate that they will use the open source technology developed by Telegram to launch an independent network to the one originally raised by the operator of the popular messaging application for mobile phones.

Developers TON China will launch its own version of the network TON

Sharing more details about this idea, those responsible for the TON community in China indicated that they will launch their own test network together with a website where there will be more information about the project and future plans.

Regarding the test network, they indicate that this will be the first step and they will seek to recruit both more nodes and developers to take the plan to its second stage, rethinking the network's rules to better adapt to the current needs and context.

Users in China launch their own version of Telegram's TON network

Many analysts indicate that this would be similar to other initiatives such as Free TON, but the developers assure that along the way they will address the problems that threatened the original project, among which they mention the initial allocation of tokens, lack of integration with apps from messaging and lack of clarity regarding developer incentives.

Telegram abandons the TON project

The news comes a few days after the Telegram team, led by its CEO, Pavel Durov, publicly announced that the company would abandon the Blockchain project, citing as a reason the regulatory difficulties they encountered in the US within a few days of Its launch in 2019, which lasted until the end of this month when they decided to withdraw from the legal dispute against the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

However, despite Telegram abandoning the project due to the aforementioned problems, at the beginning of February it released all the information associated with this initiative, which allowed many independent developers to examine and use the code to design their own initiatives with this technology.

Recently, the TON Labs team announced the launch of an independent project known as Free TON, which operates with its own digital currency (TON Crystals) and by the beginning of this month it had at least 13 validators.

However, this project supported by TON Labs was strongly criticized by the Chinese community of TON, whose members assure that they do not feel represented by this initiative, adding that it had many shortcomings and did not meet the needs of those who expected the launch of the project. original.