Platform for Effective Social Good

Fundraising with Maximal Impact

Ethereum-based Donation Platform — drastically increased exposure and donations for any fundraising campaign at no upfront costs, with economically incentivized Advocates who help spread the word.


How Grace Works

Maximize exposure through economically incentivized efforts.

Maximize value output from every unit of charity contribution.

Addressing Inefficiency in Charities

Operating a charity is tremendously hard, especially with limited resources, and unrealistic expectations to keep overhead costs low.

Grace takes care of fundraising and promotion at no upfront costs, so charities can focus on what they're best at.

Better yet. With Grace, the efforts of all non-profits can be magnified and scaled up simply, limitlessly.

Counter-Productive Stigma in Charity

Dan Pallotta, a world-renowned thought leader and social entrepreneur in the nonprofit sector, framed the problem brilliantly:

“The collective gasp we utter at the thought of anyone getting wealthy helping those who suffer is the axiomatic conclusion of our Puritan ethos about mixing money and meaning. That ethos is a cancer on our capacity to change the world.”

“Why should a person who wishes to bring the world a better mousetrap be able to know that he can get wealthy if he does it, while the person who wants to end hunger must know that he cannot? How can we expect people to fully pursue their dreams of bettering the world while denying them their economic dreams for themselves and their families?”

Through the Advocate Incentive Mechanism, Grace aligns users' self interest with social interest, effectively providing a solution to the current problem and making social work financially sustainable.


Effective Fundraising


Smart Contract Donations

Donations are recorded on the blockchain, and are thus secure, immutable, and open for every one to see and audit. Smart contracts ensure that the money only goes to the right hands, eliminating risks of fraud or corruption.


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Ripple Effect for Social Good

Each dollar of contribution goes much farther than conventional fundraising methods. Grace is designed to align self interests with social good. As the Grace network grows, all participants in the network benefit, especially those in need of help.

Advocate Incentive Mechanism icon

Advocate Incentive Mechanism

Passionate individuals are economically incentivized to generate additional exposure and donations for fundraising campaigns. These Advocates are compensated for their efforts in GRCE tokens.